About Dan Yahnian, DDS

Advanced General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Denver, CO

Dan Yahnian

Dan Yahnian, DDS, is an advanced general dentist at Capitol Premier Dental Group in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Yahnian has been serving patients in the Denver area since 1992, providing compassionate dental care to individuals and their loved ones. He is dedicated to meeting patient’s needs with sincerity, understanding, and professionalism. 

Dr. Yahnian completed his bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with an emphasis in mathematics and biology, in 1986. He then pursued his dental education at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. 

He has produced extensive research in microbiology, focusing on the nature of cavities, and presented his work at the Rocky Mountain Branch of the American Society for Microbiology as well as The Forsyth Institute. He is also a lifetime member of the Delta Sigma Delta, one of the oldest dental fraternities. 

Dr. Yahnian has been recognized by several organizations, receiving awards for “providing excellent preventive care and outstanding services to patients” and his “excellence in radiology.” 

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Yahnian is a professional photographer, whose work has been published in trade journals and magazines on six continents. He is also the host of a podcast, serving the entertainment and photographic fields.