From Disgusting Goop to Digital Graphics

by Oct 21, 2019

scanned model of teeth and highlighted areas of concern

For those of you who are no stranger to the dental chair, you’re probably familiar with the “goop” used to take molds at the end of many appointments. Used frequently in dentistry, impression materials have the reputation of being bitter, messy, and generally pretty gross. Here at Capitol Premier Dental Group, we always strive to provide our patients with the most up-to-date technology and standards of care, which is why we are excited to introduce our new Medit i500 Digital Scanner.

This futuristic piece of technology has virtually eliminated our office’s need to use the old, traditional styles of those goopy, messy impression materials. After a 3D scan is done, a digital file is sent to the lab before you even leave your appointment with us. From there, they 3D print a model of the scan and can start on your case right away. This means less wait time for you by cutting out the need to send materials through the mail. Whether you need a crown, new retainer, night guard, or denture, our new digital scanner allows us to render a digital 3D model of your whole mouth in just a matter of a few The scanner captures ~10-12 images per second and has an accuracy of ~4 microns. For reference, a single strand of human hair measures around 70 microns. Since introducing this scanner into our daily practice here at Capitol Premier Dental, we have seen a significant improvement to the quality and accuracy of our appliances ordered due to the scanners high degree of accuracy and quality of minimizing distortions.







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